Pax Britannica

Pax Britannica

Download: Windows / Mac OSX / Linux
Platform: DokiDoki (source code)
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Date: February, 2010

Pax Britannica is a one-button real-time strategy game made for the GAMMA4 design competition. I designed and coded the game with Kira Boom and Renaud Bédard, with art by Daniel Burton and music by Ben Abraham.

We’ve publicly demoed the game at Kill Screen Arcade (during SXSW) and Prince of Arcade. Since we released the game under a permissive MIT license, it was later ported to Android mobile devices by an enthusiastic fan!

Pax Britannica is a hotseat multiplayer RTS game created for the Gamma IV competition, in which up to four players can command their own factory ships and send out fighters, bombers and frigates to attack their opponents’ armadas.” — Indie Games Weblog

Pax Britannica is a completely one-button multiplayer RTS game, it’s very cool! […] It’s a really interesting and fast-paced RTS.” — Bytejacker

The game I played most this past weekend is a surprisingly deep one-button RTS called Pax Britannica. […] I highly recommend trying it with friends!” — Tiny Subversions

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