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Accessibility in The Last of Us Part II:
A 3-Year Development Journey

“With over 60 accessibility settings, The Last of Us Part II is the most ambitious game Naughty Dog has ever made and has been called “the most accessible game ever.” In this talk, lead designer Emilia Schatz and lead systems designer Matthew Gallant will chronicle the development process, including an in-depth focus on the features designed specifically for blind and low-vision players—a first for the studio. They’ll review how these features were planned for, tested, iterated upon, and shipped, as well as key learnings.”

Presented remotely at the Game Accessibility Conference 2020.

Authored vs. Systemic:
Finding a Balance for Combat AI in Uncharted 4

“While combat in the ‘Uncharted’ series has historically been tightly authored by the design team, Naughty Dog knew early in development that ‘Uncharted 4’ was going to be different. The open-ended gameplay and large complex environments led them to explore a more systems-driven approach to artificial intelligence. After over-steering in that direction, they ultimately found a balance between authored content and systemic behaviors. This talk explores the development process of ‘Uncharted 4’, and the lessons they learned about partitioning control of the AI between design and engineering.”

Presented at GDC 2017 and the Montreal International Game Summit 2016.

The slides are available here.

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