Tiny Crossword

Tiny Crossword

Play: https://twitter.com/TinyCrossword
Platform: Heroku (source code)
Genre: Puzzle
Date: October, 2014

Tiny Crossword is a daily game played publicly on Twitter. The @TinyCrossword account procedurally generates a 3-word puzzle at noon PST. Players (anyone on Twitter) can @-reply with their proposed solution. After two hours, the bot posts the solution and credits the first player to have solved it.

The puzzle elements are drawn from the Simple English Wikipedia API. New puzzles are procedurally generated using up-to-date terms and concepts, with no additional designer input.

In 2016, Tiny Crossword was selected for inclusion in the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3. It was displayed alongside other Twitter bots as part of the “Electronic Literature: A Matter of Bits” exhibition at the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts.

Here’s an example of how the game is played:

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