Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

Download: http://norwegianwood.gangles.ca/download/
Platform: PyGame / PyOpenGL (source code)
Genre: Rhythm / Shoot ’em Up
Date: September, 2009

Norwegian Wood is a rhythm-based dodge-’em-up inspired by the Beatles song of the same name. The instruments in the four corners of the screen fire music notes in time with the music. The player must dodge these notes for a long as possible to accumulate a high score (tracked globally). I designed and developed this game with a group of fellow students over the summer of 2009. I later gave a short presentation about the game’s development at CUSEC 2010.

The new best Beatles game that isn’t the other one: […] the world’s first fab-four bullet-hell dodge ’em up.” — Offworld

It’s simple, it’s fun and each try wont take any longer than the song that inspired it. Quick warning, it is incredibly addictive.” — Creative Fluff

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